BitLife – Life Simulator for PC (Windows & Mac)

BitLife – Life Simulator

BitLife – Life Simulator is a simulation app which simulates the life of common individuals. The app is developed by InstCoffee games and it is free to download and play. This app has a content rating of 16+ due to usage of drugs and adult life as a whole. The app requires android 2.3 and above to run and offers in-app purchases as well. The app is updated regularly. This game is a fun game to play and a great time killer and does not require an internet connection to work. You can play the game offline whenever you want without any internet connection.

Game Play

This game is a unique and different game to play. BitLife – Life Simulator is a simulation game which simulates the life of a common individual. It lets you make different choices at different times of your life (in the game). You can be a rock star and release your own platinum album or maybe die an old man with some common school qualifications. This game allows you to pass your driving test and die in a road accident a year later (or not). The choice is simply yours regarding every condition provided in the game. You can spend your life in any way you want and the game will simulate it for you.

The game is an ultimate life simulation and lets you make decisions year by year. Want to get a job or become the CEO of your own company? You got it. This game lets you meet different people each time you play and you can have a relationship as well. It might be a long-lasting relationship or just for a few days, it is for you to decide. The game provides you different situations year by year and lets you make your choices. The fun part is that each year of your life contains new experiences. This game is simple yet amazing and it is a great game when you have some time to spare and relax.


The only permissions this game asks for are:

  • To view all of the network connections
  • Have full network access

It is a unique simulation game and the game play is quite simple. It has been downloaded up to 5,000,000 times and still has a rating of 4.6 showing the consistency of good rating for this game. If you have any suggestions or complaints, you can contact the developers through Email.

BitLife - Life Simulator
BitLife - Life Simulator
Developer: Candywriter, LLC
Price: Free+
  • BitLife - Life Simulator Screenshot
  • BitLife - Life Simulator Screenshot
  • BitLife - Life Simulator Screenshot
  • BitLife - Life Simulator Screenshot
  • BitLife - Life Simulator Screenshot

BitLife - Life Simulator on PC and Mac

As we already mentioned, the BitLife - Life Simulator app can be downloaded on PC by downloading an Android emulator software on your current PC or Mac, Follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. First step – Download and install one of the recommended Android emulators. We highly recommend BlueStacks, because this is the most stable emulator software available for both Windows and Mac software operation.
  2. Second step – As soon as the installer finished, click and open it. Click on Google Play icon in it or use the search field and please write BitLife - Life Simulator and hit enter button or click the find button. Select the app from the results and install the app.
  3. Third step – After installing the app, follow the instructions on your screen to play it.
Shortly after you will see the BitLife - Life Simulator app on your computer or on your emulator's installed apps area.
You may also download BitLife - Life Simulator APK and install on BlueStacks Android emulator for either Windows or for Mac users, you can use it from any computer you wish, as long as you are logged in to the same Gmail ID, all of your information and apps will be saved and in-sync.

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You can leave a comment or ask a question about the app, and we will be happy to answer it. You can ask for specific guides for BitLife - Life Simulator or even special requests, and we will do our best to answer you with further information. If you had issues on how to download BitLife – Life Simulator for PC (Windows & Mac) just leave a comment with the error showing and one of our community members will reply you quickly with an answer.

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