Contra City Online for PC (Windows & Mac)

Contra City Online

Contra City Online is a 3D FPS shooter game that promises to offer its players a lot of fun with its multiple gameplay modes, weapon and costume upgrades, customization, variety of maps, as well the ability to fight online with millions of players from around the world.



Following are some key features of this game:

A Fun Multiplayer Gameplay

Grab your favorite weapon and start implementing your shooting skills to bring down enemies and fight millions of online players from around the globe. Contra City Online as the name suggests, is focused mainly on providing players a rich and fun environment to test their shooting skills against each other and have a great time playing the game.

Variety of Weapons

Varity of options are available when it comes to modern weapons. Some of the popular choices include Flamethrower, Katana, Desert Eagle, Rocket Launcher, Kalashnikov AK47, and Minigun. Apart from this, you can expect to see various other weapons in the game including gatling guns, assault rifles, handguns, and even Golden weapons and bullets so you can unleash your pro marksmen spirit and have the fun you crave for.

Wide Range of Costumes

Camouflage and other customizations of outfits are essential, especially in a multiplayer shooter game where you want to gain a competitive edge over your opponents. That’s why this game offers you a wide range of choices when it comes to your character’s outfit. You can choose from a variety of masks, hats, and uniforms. Other customizations are also available that are purely cosmetic and help you customize the look of your character in any way you want. You can choose to look like a biker, gangster, commando, rapper, military, etc. according to your preference.

Contracts and Talent Upgrades

Apart from appearance, you can upgrade your character’s talents as well by training in the Gym. It will improve certain stats of the character and will help make him undefeatable. Daily tasks and challenges are also offered in the game and completing them gets you exciting rewards.

Social Elements

Considering the game is focused on online gameplay, it’s no surprise that it has many social elements. You can invite your existing friends as well as find new ones to join the game. Clan system is also available. You can either create your own clan or join an existing one. You and your clanmates can improve the clan together via real-time chat and collaboration. Your clanmates will see your achievements and progress as well.

Balanced Maps and Different Modes

Multiple gameplay modes are available including Zombie mode, Control Points, Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, etc. Balanced maps of different sizes facilitate the gameplay style of each mode. For example, snipers can take advantage of larger maps while those who prefer close combat shooting will like compact maps. Zombie mode in this game is also unique as not only does it allow you to kill the zombies, you can also become a zombie boss yourself and infect other players!

Contra City Online on PC and Mac

As we already mentioned, the Contra City Online app can be downloaded on PC by downloading an Android emulator software on your current PC or Mac, Follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. First step – Download and install one of the recommended Android emulators. We highly recommend BlueStacks, because this is the most stable emulator software available for both Windows and Mac software operation.
  2. Second step – As soon as the installer finished, click and open it. Click on Google Play icon in it or use the search field and please write Contra City Online and hit enter button or click the find button. Select the app from the results and install the app.
  3. Third step – After installing the app, follow the instructions on your screen to play it.
Shortly after you will see the Contra City Online app on your computer or on your emulator's installed apps area.
You may also download Contra City Online APK and install on BlueStacks Android emulator for either Windows or for Mac users, you can use it from any computer you wish, as long as you are logged in to the same Gmail ID, all of your information and apps will be saved and in-sync.

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