Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire for PC (Windows & Mac)

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

FFXV: A New Empire is a 2D MMO strategy game that is set in the FFXV realm of Eos. This free-to-play game sets itself apart from the rest with variety of popular characters from the 2016 Fantasy RPG, these include Noctis, Cindy, Lucafreya, and more. The game has the features and aspects one would expect from a MMO strategy game; base-building, guilds, soldier management, in-game currency, gathering resources, large-scale battles, etc. Build and customize your empire, engage in epic battles, and rule over all of Eos by claiming the Crystal.


Following are some of the key features of this game:

Popular Base-Building Gameplay

Overall gameplay of Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is similar to other games in the MMO genre such as Game of War: Fire Age, Mobile Strike, etc. At the beginning of the game, you are guided to build a city, starting with a Citadel and then continuing with different support structures including stone quarries, mines, farms, the outer wall, etc. As the game progresses, you must build facilities to manage trade, war, learning new skills, etc. Anything you build or upgrade in this game requires in-game resources which take a lot of time to gather. Furthermore, you must build in a certain sequence in order to unlock some special upgrades.

Highly Detailed Battle System

Battle system is highly detailed in this game. With time, you will need to raise one or more armies comprised of several types of units in your city’s defense. Furthermore, you will also need an army for other purposes such as deploying them against random monsters, seizing resources and loot, etc. Every fighting unit in the game has certain strengths and weaknesses against defenses, monsters, and other enemy units. You can embed special jewels such as Sapphire Gems on your Hero’s equipment, including armor, weapons, boots, etc. to obtain additional attack damage and health. The battle system is much more complex than a regular MMO strategy game. Furthermore, you will also receive a detailed report at the end of each battle. The report includes statistics such as spoils won, casualties suffered, kills made, etc.

Join a Guild

The ‘social’ element of joining a guild also exists in this game. You can form a guild and forge alliances with other players in order to help each other in trade as well as in war. Members of a guild can exchange resources, goods, and troops to collectively build strength and engage in battles with other guilds. There are many other benefits of joining a guild, for example you may receive additional help in building your city quickly, get enhanced resource rewards, and much more.

Play as Noctis

The iconic character of the franchise Noctis is the main protagonist in the game. You can increase his level and invest his AP into various talents, specializing in Building and Combat talents to suit your play-style.


Apart from the main game, there are mini-games that you can play once every day. These mini-games feature Tower defense style gameplay.

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire on PC and Mac

As we already mentioned, the Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire app can be downloaded on PC by downloading an Android emulator software on your current PC or Mac, Follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. First step – Download and install one of the recommended Android emulators. We highly recommend BlueStacks, because this is the most stable emulator software available for both Windows and Mac software operation.
  2. Second step – As soon as the installer finished, click and open it. Click on Google Play icon in it or use the search field and please write Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire and hit enter button or click the find button. Select the app from the results and install the app.
  3. Third step – After installing the app, follow the instructions on your screen to play it.
Shortly after you will see the Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire app on your computer or on your emulator's installed apps area.
You may also download Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire APK and install on BlueStacks Android emulator for either Windows or for Mac users, you can use it from any computer you wish, as long as you are logged in to the same Gmail ID, all of your information and apps will be saved and in-sync.

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