My Craft Exploration for PC (Windows & Mac)

My Craft Exploration

My Craft Exploration is an Android game that offers its players numerous opportunities to create and build anything they want. There are lots of crafting possibilities in the game. An open cubic pixel world lets you engage in a lot of adventures and explore unique worlds and visit different interesting places. The game also features many special modes and multiplayer modes.



Following are some key features of this game:

Test Your Creative Skills

Everything in My Craft Exploration is pixelated blocks that have been categorized into various materials including grass, sand, stone, dirt, and more. What makes this game interesting is that it strengthens and sharpens your creativity by not telling you much about the crafting process, so you have to figure most things out yourself. Use your creative skills to create and craft anything you want by simply rearranging blocks. You can create a seaside home, a sky bridge, a hut, and much more. Some other items you can craft include tools, oven, weapons, etc. All the items you craft improve your chances of survival in the game.

Gather Resources

Everything you build in this game requires a certain amount of resources. So you will need to gather resources in order to create more and more things that you desire. You will have to hunt for your own food in the game. There are a lot of things such as cows, chicken, pigs, etc. that can cover your feeding needs. Hunting will help gather feeding resources quickly. You can also grow animals, farm, as well as fish to survive in the long run.

Additional Features

Following are some additional features of the game:

  • Varity of worlds and places.
  • Different gameplay modes including survival and multiplayer, challenging your creative skills.
  • There are many hidden opportunities in the cubic world that you will have to solve.
  • A wide range of animals and monsters that you have not seen yet.
  • Lots of possibilities of crafting, competing, and surviving.
  • You can craft many types of special weapons to survive and win.
  • High quality graphics and world design. Variety of special effects and features.

Tips and Tricks

Following are some tips that will help you succeed in this game:

Gather Your Materials as Quickly as Possible

It is highly recommended that you gather resources and materials as quickly as possible because they will help you craft the essential things earlier in the game and improve your chances of survival. Gather wood first because it is needed in the crafting of many things. You can also build crafting tools with this material. Furthermore, crafting tools such as axe, pickaxe, etc. are important for collecting minerals like stone, iron, copper, etc. Last but not least, craft a weapon of your choice so that you can protect yourself and improve the chances of your survival.

Build a House and Stay Close to it

Build a house as soon as you gather enough resource and then improve it with stronger materials once you acquire them. Don’t use sand blocks to build your house as it could fall off at any moment. It is also recommended that you stay close to your house, particularly when night falls because the chance of you getting attacked by monsters and enemies are high at that time. Use your crafted weapons to protect yourself.

My Craft Exploration on PC and Mac

As we already mentioned, the My Craft Exploration app can be downloaded on PC by downloading an Android emulator software on your current PC or Mac, Follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. First step – Download and install one of the recommended Android emulators. We highly recommend BlueStacks, because this is the most stable emulator software available for both Windows and Mac software operation.
  2. Second step – As soon as the installer finished, click and open it. Click on Google Play icon in it or use the search field and please write My Craft Exploration and hit enter button or click the find button. Select the app from the results and install the app.
  3. Third step – After installing the app, follow the instructions on your screen to play it.
Shortly after you will see the My Craft Exploration app on your computer or on your emulator's installed apps area.
You may also download My Craft Exploration APK and install on BlueStacks Android emulator for either Windows or for Mac users, you can use it from any computer you wish, as long as you are logged in to the same Gmail ID, all of your information and apps will be saved and in-sync.

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